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Photography is knew to me, I've got my first ever camera a year ago. my gear sums up to that fx5100 camera and one, very old lightning pole. Most of all I love taking photos of my wonderful wife and I adore her for her patience that is required for being my model.
Really like the works that are presented in FC and hope to learn and to be inspired by them, I would be happy to hear your comments and tips.


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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 15:41

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  • Daniel Gordon ( William Price ) 21/02/2007 12:32

    thank you Idan
    this comments help me a lot
    all the best and my kindest regards
  • Margaux Lux 11/01/2007 19:00

    hey thank you very much for your comment on my photo'employed'
    greetings margaux

  • Robyn Raggio 06/01/2007 20:48

    thanks for your comments, as well, Idan! Your work is unusual, intriguing and quite well rendered. I look forward to seeing more!
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 29/12/2006 1:27

    Hello Idan and welcome. It's hard to believe that you have only been shooting for one year. You must have an arts background because your work is very creative and sensual. I look forward to seeing more of your images. All the best from Canada. Patrick
  • Sachin Pangaonkar 22/12/2006 18:46

    Hi Idan , Welcome to FC , Nice images . I like your works

    Sachin Pangaonkar

  • Abdul Khaliq 12/12/2006 6:44

    Hello Idan,
    Welcome to

    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences. So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:

    Abdul – Channelmanager for Subjects
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