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"In every artist there is poetry. In every human being there is a poetic element. We know, we feel, we believe. As knowers, we are like the scientist relating through logical determination. As feelers, we are like poets relating the unrelated through intuition. As believers, we are only accepting our human limitations. The artist must express the summation of his feeling, knowing, and believing through the unity of his life and work. One cannot photograph art. One can only live it in the unity of his vision, as well as in the breadth of his humanity, vitality, and understanding....

Ernst Haas (1921-1986)

I do not have more to say
this is all things that is not in me!!!
I have a camera .. Still working and hear coughing sound


Something there..
Something there..
Hussain AlMahroos



Hussain AlMahroos

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