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I'm brazilian, linving in a beautiful island called Florianópolis.
I work with international trade for a Latin American leader in the manufacture of PABX systems and telephones.
I lived in London/England and Maiorca/Spain from 1998 to 2000 to learn English and Spanish.
Photographer friends and I have taken some photos and I'd like to post them here.
I'm here to enjoy!

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  • Fons van Swaal 31/12/2011 14:53

    Thanks a lot my friend for all the comments throughout this past year...
    Best wishes..
  • Fons van Swaal 12/12/2011 14:54

    Best regards and many thanks for all the comments throughout this year ...
  • Vera M. Shulga 15/05/2011 6:52

    Thanks a lot,Gizelle.
    Vera M. Shulga
  • Victor Malakhov 23/06/2009 1:49

    I like your last two works really much, and I hope to see more from you made in this key!
    Take care,
  • J a e j i N™ 12/06/2009 3:46

    hi Gizelle, Thanks for your comments
    the other side
    the other side
    J a e j i N™

    locked up
    locked up
    J a e j i N™

    I really enjoyed your works...keep it up!

  • Flighty Furrow 14/04/2009 14:44

    Obrigado for you comments! Just had a look at Florianópolis on Google maps, looks beautiful indeed! Cioa!
  • Lazaros Limos 24/01/2009 16:02

    Thank you for your comment Gizelle!..
  • Kim Walker 24/01/2009 0:59

    Hi Gizelle,
    Thanks for looking at my dance photos and your comments! Cheers...
  • krick 14/12/2008 17:13

    Hello Gizelle!

    Thank you very much for your opinion about my photo "Volkshausbar". The picture is taken in Zurich, Switzerland, and this bar is situated in the labour unions's house of Zurich.

    I send you my best wishes to Brazil!
  • Fankihank 14/11/2008 17:43

    Hi Gizelle
    Many thanks for your message relating my photo „Sal ( Cap Verde ) unfortunately i did not receive any text and the indicated link is not working. Therefore if you read this message, try again, I’m glad to receive comments to any of my pictures.
    Best regards
  • Matthias Moritz 30/10/2008 5:24

    Hello Gizelle !

    A warm welcome to! The spirit of this platform is to share ideas, knowledge and pictures. Its a chance to communicate with photographers all over the world, amateurs and also pros, sharing the passion of photography.
    I would like to encourage you not only to upload pictures to share, but also to participate in writing comments to other photographers the same way you expect to get them for your own work. You´ll see, it will work after a time..:-))

    If you have any questions about fotocommunity, don´t hesitate to ask. The team:
    will gladly help you.

    Have fun! Its great to have you here from Brazil!

    Kind regards

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