Gitte Buddig

Free Account, Trier

About me

I am Danish but it is quite some years since I have lived there.

Now I live in Trier, Germany, with my jazz saxophonist husband, with whom I (among other things) run a music label, Portabile Music Trier.

I have actually always been interested in photography. I have an enormous admiration for the early photographers, who took fantastic pictures without Lightroom, Photoshop etc.

My photographing is centred a lot on the label and the Jazz music scene, but I also enjoy photographing landscapes and especially “moments”.

Acknowledging my lacking technical knowledge (got, unfortunately, a bit discouraged wasting time, money and self-respect attending a disastrous photo course in Italy — Unbelievably bad teacher), I still find so much joy in photographing and will continue to pursue knowledge and experience.

Working full time doesn't always give me the time I could wish for ;-)

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