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I was born in Ravenna (Italy), a quiet town on the Romagna Riviera and I have always lived here.
Since child I have always had admiration toward photography and painting in general, the visual arts and graphics.
In 1990 I bought my first Nikon SLR analogue, after I joined the FIAF and I participated in some competitions collecting some small satisfaction.
At that time I photographed using slide film and printed my photos in cibacrome.
Unfortunately not always the end result of printing corresponded to that planned photographically:
it was a time when we had to come to terms with the laboratories and with development process not always up to expectations.
For this reason, and not only that, I abandoned photography for some years.

In 2005 I went to buy a digital compact. Taken from new enthusiasm, in 2006 this is my first Nikon digital SLR, since I had inherited the optical park from the analogue camera.

With digital photography now I check the process of the image and all stages, shooting, post and the press, significantly increasing the cretività.

In December 2005, I realized the website where I expose my work.

My sense of photography in one sentence:
through the lens I see beyond, but only for a moment, a fraction of a second.
Photography is the heritage of that moment.

Giancarlo Bartolini.

San Galgano #1
San Galgano #1
Giancarlo Bartolini


Thanks to Stephen Moss for the proposal
The Beach
The Beach

Thank you
The night falls
The night falls

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Giancarlo Bartolini

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