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George Digalakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where he still lives today. It was only in 2011 when he first studied photography at "Photoeidolo", and became acquainted with classic and contemporary photographers, that he realized this medium would offer him a gateway from reality, and enable him to express his inner world.
His work is characterized by a square frame, minimalistic approach, high order, and a peaceful, yet often sorrowful and melancholic atmosphere. The influence from minimalist photographers, such as Michael Kenna can be seen clearly in his waterscapes. George rarely tries to capture the moment and finds that by ignoring reality he can best convey his inner vision and underlying emotions.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions around the word and his work has been recognized in many international competitions, such as Px3, APOY, Sony World Photography Award, FAPA, SITTP etc. He has been published in various magazines and sites - Digital Camera, Shot Magazine, Blur Magazine, Dodho Magazine, Yatzer, My Modern Met etc. Member of the Jury of, since 2016. For a detailed resume and achievements please visit his site

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Absolutely no permission is granted in any form, fashion or way, digital or otherwise, to use copy, edit, reproduce, publish, duplicate, or distribute my images or any part of them on blogs, personal or professional websites or any other media without my direct written permission.

Comments 11

  • Roland Göhre 03/11/2023 23:23

    Absolut great Photos!
    Im deeply impressed.
    Greetings Roland
  • Schwarzweiss aber auch gerne mal in Farbe. 05/03/2022 12:42

    Amazing photos,
    I am very impressed.

  • shika 04/08/2021 15:59

    This is pure art! Every picture is a delight and an inspiration!
    Best, Jochen
  • louis27 26/11/2020 10:14

    What to say ? I just love it ! Congratulations
  • Foto08-16 13/12/2019 16:02

    Your  photos are wonderful!
  • Graham Russell 22/01/2019 21:28

    An artist with a camera, beautiful
  • GwenDalina 27/10/2018 19:09

    Your photos are...JUST FINE ART
  • Dirk-OliverSchröder 08/08/2018 5:58

    Just wonderful landscapes, the toning works well with the geometric simplicity. Just amazing!
  • Favaretto Mario 18/01/2016 12:26

    Two shots! Two beautiful images both technique for composition. My compliments. Ciao Mario.
  • Adele D. Oliver 14/12/2015 19:34

    greetings and welcome to our international Fotocommunity .... I wish you a great time here - enjoyment in posting your images, new friends, new ideas - and always great light !!!!
    greetings from Vancouver, Canada
    from your Admin team and
    Nature Channel Manager
  • Mauro Tomassetti 14/12/2015 16:15

    Hello George
    and welcome to FC Com!

    You will soon appreciate how useful and enjoyable it is when you share your pictures and impressions.
    To start your activities, I suggest you leaving comments under other users pics and interact with them. Your opinions are very important!
    Your first friends, as well as new inspirations, are awaiting you.

    Good light from
    Mauro Tomassetti
    Admin Team
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