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I am retired now. So have plenty of time to carry out my hobbies. For example: photography, long distance walking, history of art (i just completed my study of art), locale history.
I am publishing architecture pictures on the dutch website for architects.
Like to learn more about portrait photography.
My home town is laying near the North Sea coast in the Netherlands.

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  • Tatiana Gutskova 16/03/2013 23:48

    Hello Franscarel!
    These and other very interesting shots are at slow shutter speeds.
    Good weekend, Tatiana :)
  • Tatiana Gutskova 22/10/2012 10:31

    thanks a lot for your comment.
    bw Tatiana.
  • Tatiana Gutskova 21/12/2011 12:02

    With best wishes for the New Year, Tatiana
  • Tatiana Gutskova 22/12/2010 14:35

    Accept my hearty good wishes
    For a season of calm and cheer
    May Christmas joy reign in your heart
    And gladden the coming year.
  • Tatiana Gutskova 14/09/2010 11:03

    Franscarel, I am very pleasant and important your comment. Thanks. Tatiana
  • Vera Shulga 16/08/2010 17:06

    Hallo, Franscarel! It's really eveninglight, but it's a "double" light (from sunset rays + reflection of sunset rays on the riverwater) Have 2 shadows from this sun:one above other...
    river - path - fence
    river - path - fence
    Vera Shulga
    Regards Vera
  • Tatiana Gutskova 16/08/2010 8:58

    She terribly to be exasperated that she had not brushed :-)))
  • Vera Shulga 15/08/2010 19:58

    Thank you Franscarel very much for your comment!
    my father's camera
    my father's camera
    Vera Shulga
    Best regards Vera
  • Tad Kanazaki 01/06/2010 9:08

    Tad Kanazaki

    Thank you for your visit and comments.
    Bw Tad.
  • Tatiana Gutskova 25/05/2010 7:56

    thank you for your comment. I also really like this shot!
    Tatiana. Best wishes.
  • Rumtreibär 06/05/2010 6:51

    willkommen,bienvenue,welcome,tervetuloa,hosgeldin,grüezi,el saludo,salve
    zum virtuellen Stammtisch der fc-Gemeinde.
    Laß Deine "Motivklingel" oft bimmeln und sei immer
    zur richtige Zeit am richtigen Ort. VLG Dieter
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 05/05/2010 23:39

    Hi there franscarel, welcome to the Fotocommunity! :-)
    The idea of fotocommunity is to give beginners, amateurs and professionals a place to share their passion for photography.
    You can view and comment the work of others, you can upload your own work to share it and get comments from other people around the world, and you can discuss or ask about anything you might want to know about our common interests.

    At this address you can find a tutorial for new members, and I recommend you take a look at it. It helped me a lot when I joined:

    You can also get lots of information in our online-help. In there you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click on this link:

    If there’s anything else you want to know, don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    Well, see you out there :-)
    Totto (Tor-Henrik Furmyr)
    Channelmanager Nature

    By the way, you should also take a few moment to fill out your profile. It's of cours voluntarily, but it's useful for other members to know a little about you when visiting your profile and vewing your pictures :-)

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