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A photographer is a person who captures a time in our lifes.
He designs the world from time to time better or worse then it is. The phantasie of a photographer creates different feelings in the hearts and minds of the viewer. And that's why I 'm a photographer.
The Photography was allready a great passion in my childhood. I used to spend days at different airports, photographing the planes.
Then in my 11th lifeyear i decided to 2 years various photocourses at my school in analog photography. As I studied IT-sience in berne i forgot about the whole passion. But just as I had finished my studies, the passion of photography founc me again.
After 5 years in the event-photography and in 2006 the winning of the world-event photographers trophy of international I decided to make my passion to my lifework.
Now I just finished my studies and got on the 19th of may 2009 the result of my exams. I succeeded as the best student with 93 out of 100points.

Eric Zidane

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