Eno Masci

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About me

I was born on the banks of the Circeo, where Ulysses, a Mediterranean icon, man of both land and sea, faced his Odyssey with a will of adventure, temerity and fear.

I have walked the lands and lived in Lazio, Liguria and Tuscany, all rich in history, where the rapture of the sea and the views of the magnificent landscapes have aroused in me the same wonder and surprise that I felt as a child.

Knowing these people, places, sights, stones, history, traditions and thoughts has influenced my personality in a singular way, a beautiful, contradictory and, at the same time, fascinating way.

Even today, when my gaze is caught by the anchored boats, waiting to gain the open sea, the waves breaking on the rocks, the colours in the rays of the sun, I am searching for a fleeting truth that can be reached only through constant pursuit…

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