Edward Schomberger

Free Account, Plymouth, Michigan

About me

I have always been interested in photography and have only recently taken my interest to a more serious level. I like the idea of "painting with light", as someone once said, and am still experimenting and trying to find my niche in the world of photography.

Because I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, backpacking and camping I would say nature photography would be my favorite subject. Though I am delving into portrait photography and am trying my hand at "conceptual" black and white, Nature is my first love.

I still have my first SLR which is a Chinon, (not many people remember that one), with 28mm, 50mm and a 2X teleconverter. My favorite camera is my Minolta 3xi with 50mm, a 30-80mm, and a 70-210mm telephoto lens. And last, but certainly not least is my Canon T70 with 50mm, 100mm and another 70-210mm telephoto and of course another 2X teleconverter. Along with the cameras and lenses I also use various filters and a Smith-Victor "hot-light" set-up.

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  • Olaf H.... 31/08/2004 13:40

    Hi Edward

    welcome to fotocommunity.com. Enjoy your time here.
    We are looking forward to your photography
    Best regards
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