Dennis Ducklow

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About me

I'm very enthusiastic about my journey with photography! My camera is a tool for expressing and sharing the natural beauty around us. Whenever possible, I combine my love of photography with the joy of riding my Harley-Davidson. Recently, I spent three weeks riding across Canada, following only the secondary routes, and stopping excessively to record the many captivating scenes.

I am committed to the Minolta system, currently using a Maxxum 7, and in no rush to go digital. My daughter Zoë is also developing her photographic skills and we love to combine our talents, working as a team to shoot weddings and other events.

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  • Christine Chappell 25/08/2011 23:58

    Would you be the Dennis Ducklow who went to West Van High?
  • Detlef Klahm 19/04/2005 3:10

    Hey Dennis!
    Small World!
    I love your profile picture!
    You are NOT ready to go digital yet...
    Hope you know what you are missing!!!!
    Take care My Friend!
  • Visiones de vida. 01/04/2005 2:07

    Dennis,....just took a peek at your work....looking forward to more candy for our eyes!....Beautiful work my friend!....

    welcome to the FC!....



    I have to Maxxum 7s...and have had much fun with them!.......
  • Patrick Y. Latour 22/03/2005 4:53

    Hi Dennis, welcome to fotocommunity from the other side of Canada !!!
  • JVision 17/03/2005 18:02

    Hi Dennis,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. It's great to see your here. I wish you a lot of fun.
    Kind regards
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