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My Grand-father got me into this gig since because I don't ever remember visiting him without seeing him without a camera or, having to take a photo. Plus, most of my cameras were his.

No particular theme right now but I'll reanswer this question when I'm a little more photographically mature.

I have 2 minoltas, a 7000 maxxum, T700, a canon T70,
a konica C35, a polaroid Landscape 104, and others.

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  • Lucien A 31/03/2005 9:41

    Hey CJ! Welcome to the Fotocommunity! Nice to see that your grandfather passed a creative past time on to you! You're never too old or too young to take photos. I'm learning a lot over here, hopefully you will also do that!

    greetings, Lucien
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