Chris Martinez

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About me

I have been a video photographer for 15 years and have always had an interest in still photography. Moving out West to further develop my career, I found myself back in school taking still photography lessons. I had a blast learning the basics and now I'm taking a much more advanced "lighting" course.

I shoot just about anything I find pleasing to my eye (which is quite a bit) Using a Nikon D70 digital SLR has its advantages. I don't have to worry about reloading different types of films for different conditions/situations.

To most of you, I probably sound like the typical amateur. And you would be correct! My (video) work has taken me to interesting places. Learning the art of still photography is yet another way of keeping the brain from getting bored.

I would, at some point, like this (photography) to pay off at some point. I'm not looking to make it a full time job (although it would be nice) Just looking to find some extra money on the side doing what I really enjoy!
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