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I am a Photography Student in Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

I love taking fashion and portrait images. I do like to experiment with images whenever possible.

The camera I use is a Canon 10D.

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  • Ray Steinberg 15/05/2006 5:46

    Hi Carmen,

    I really like that photo of "Toni anne"

    Greetings from the United States.


  • Detlef Klahm 08/06/2005 6:39

    Hi Carmen!
    I have read on one of your postings that you would like more critique, rather than just a compliment...
    I hope I have not offened you by my comments..they are honest..and they are my opinions..and opinions can be challenged, diverse and ignored.
    Please have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your work with us/me!
  • Rob Wells 04/06/2005 18:29

    There you go, Carmen. No sooner said than done: -

    Under The Bridge (BW Reload)
    Under The Bridge (BW Reload)
    Rob Wells
  • John Moore 02/06/2005 12:16

    Hello Carmen, greetings from the land Downunder.
    Thank you for wonderful comments, they are appreciated.
    We wish you well!!
    Thank You.
  • Martin C. Huber 31/03/2005 19:58

    hi carmen!
    welcome to the community.
    wish you always a good light.
    greets, martin
  • JVision 31/03/2005 0:11

    Hi Carmen,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. It's great to see you here. I wish you a lot of fun.
    Kind regards
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