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  • Brian D. Watters 06/02/2008 23:07

    Brian began his journey into the world of photography at the age of 12 in 1977, with a makeshift black and white darkroom, a box of poli-contrast filters, bulk film loader and some nasty smelling chemicals.
    He soon learned that images could be developed to amazing clarity, or altered by means of masking, dodging and burning, and combining portions of several negatives to create one original work.
    In 1997, he placed his fully manual 35mm Ricoh KR-5 Supra on a back shelf and embraced what was then, the meager beginnings of digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. Since then he has never looked back.
    Up until recently he had considered himself a serious amateur photographer with an unquenchable taste for digital photo manipulation, Having served as an Infantry Soldier in the Canadian Forces since 1981, Brian has traveled the world extensively, living several years overseas in various countries while on active assignments.
    These excursions have embedded a broad range of imagery from different cultures and geographic locations, that float freely into the way he he views the world and thus into his photography and unique creative style.
    Not being one to take himself too seriously, Brian introduces some of what might be considered at times, a dark humour or dry quirkiness into most of his creations.
    In May of 2006, he took the leap from Army life to the Air Force Imagery Technician Trade, which consisted spending 6 months relearning photography and all the theories that go with it.
    Though still actively serving with the Canadian Forces, Brian does custom freelance commercial work usually as a result of clients discovering his work on photo and photo art contest sites.
    Having recently become a member of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), Brian continues to explore new horizons and hone his skills in the never ending quest for personal and professional growth.
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