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  • Marie-Alice Suk Lin 13/03/2006 20:26

    Hello and welcome to FC !
    Nice pics of the horses ;)

    Greetings, Sl
  • Franco Forte 11/03/2006 8:47

    welcome to the community of foto takers and lovers.

    Look forward to some more of your nice shots

  • Th. Schober 10/03/2006 20:57

    Hello and welcome here in the world of the FC.
    Thanks very much for your comments on my pictures.

    Regards, Tommy

    "Horses IV"
    "Horses IV"
    Th. Schober

  • When 09/03/2006 11:47

    A warm FC welcome from Seattle. Hope you enjoy yourself here. If you need any help navigating around feel free to ask.
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