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  • Owen McLeod 10/08/2010 4:48

    Thank you for your comment on the above picture.
  • Michael Grotkamp 30/07/2010 8:46

    good morning Andy, thank you very much for your
    comments on my pics ! regards, Michael
  • den117 03/12/2009 15:10

    Thanks for your nice comments.
  • MadMax82 07/10/2009 9:47

    thanks for your nice comment :)
    Baja Poland 2009
    Baja Poland 2009
  • Ewa Canada 12/09/2009 15:58

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for visiting and your comment on "my" car. Every year we have a Retrofest in my town and all the older beauties are displayed therefore it is a great day to see them and take pictures :)
  • Michael Grotkamp 31/08/2009 9:13

    Yes, I`ve seen it and my first impression: Andy works with a new camera, Congrats ! -:)
    A question please to films: Where is Kodachrome and/or Ektachrome highspeed (old 22 DIN) to buy in the moment? Is there a chance ?
    lg Michael
  • Kalyan Miki Mukherjee 17/06/2009 20:20

    thanks for your comment!

    The Avenger
    The Avenger
    Kalyan Miki Mukherjee
  • Hakan Saracoglu 05/06/2009 19:27

    Thanks for your nice comment Andy
    Have a nice Weekend.

  • chris nsmith 28/05/2009 18:40

    Thank you
  • Michael Grotkamp 12/05/2009 10:02

    Thanks for your vist, Andy !

    Have you seen this? -:)
    best regards:Michael

  • nasim 09/05/2009 21:19

    Thanks so much for your nice comment on my photo.
    Good luck!
  • WGL 04/04/2009 17:14

    Hi Andy
    Thank you for your comments on my photos
    Best regards
  • Michael Grotkamp 24/03/2009 7:45

    Thank you Andy. Was like the football final GB - Germany in Wembley...
    bw Michael

  • Michael Grotkamp 21/03/2009 18:10

    Hi Andy, thank you very much for your great comment to this pic from January!!

    There is a little chance for me in the moment. Make a look in this pic please. And you will understand what I will say you indirect -:) ..... Thank you!!
    bw: Michael

  • Martin Jay 15/03/2009 18:51

    Thank you andy for your comment I got the idea after seeing an old photograph of my grandad where he worked.
    Regards Martin
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