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I've started my photography skills, when I refurbished my first Leica film camera in early 80-th last century. Since then I've improved my technical photography skill but the film photograhpy was changed to digital one. I've devoted main part of my life to the aviation as a flyer, including airphotography. When I became retired only the photography is my favourite hobby. It doesn't matter for me what or who is represented on the photo. What's important for me - that how graphically photo was taken by the photographer and how he could show and express his personnal view of the moment in his pictures. Most off all I like "talkative" photo.

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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 16:41

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  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 18/12/2016 10:15

    Many thanks for your comment, Alex...Kind regards
  • Xiomy 18/03/2016 22:19

    Bello trabajo, señor es muy dedicado a la pasión de la fotografía.
  • Adele Oliver 05/01/2016 20:18

    thank you for your nice comment, Alex - always appreciated. Yes, the dark line is a very threatening bank of black clouds .....
    wish you a gereat evening,
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 16/12/2015 19:28

    Many thanks, Alex
    Greetings, DIMITRIOS
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 11/12/2015 11:35

    Thank you very much for your kind comment, Alex
    Warm regards, DIMITRIOS
  • Tania Skaradek 29/11/2015 20:18

    Thank you for good comment, Alex!
    Have a nice new week:-)
    Best regards
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 23/11/2015 18:46

    Many thanks for your comment
    Warm regards, DIMITRIOS
  • Christos Banos 22/08/2015 18:29

    Hello Alex,
    Thank you for your visit and commneting!
    rgrds, Christos
    As getting dark
    As getting dark
    Christos Banos
  • alexander stefanatos 01/08/2015 19:49

    Hi Alex, thanks very much for your nice comments on my work and, particularly, for your attention on spotting that...very discomforting framing on the upper right side of the pic!.. It is indeed a serious slip!
    friendly regards alex
  • Heinz Homatsch 16/07/2015 8:49

    thanks for your visit and comment, Heinz
    heinz d homatsch
  • alexander stefanatos 15/06/2015 21:35

    Thanks very much,Alex, for your attention and kind comments on my work. I'm very pleased you liked it.
    friendly regards
  • sparkling light 11/06/2015 10:16

    Thanks, Alex, he was really fast.
  • Adele Oliver 08/06/2015 4:52

    thank you so much for your visit and nice comment - I appreciate it very much !!!
    wish you a good week,
  • sparkling light 06/06/2015 20:00

    Thanks, Alex, for the comment. Really looks like a giant snake.
    Have a nice sunday,

    greetings, Jost
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