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Fotography is a hidden treasure in humanbeing

Office: UG 151, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup West,Mumbai-400078.

Mobile: +91-9969948546, 9969777944
Email: gispl@protonmail.com Website: www.greeninfrastructuresystems.com

Favourite theme is outdoor Nature photography

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  • soap00 17/06/2008 23:51

    G'DaY Aanand,
    Greetings from Germany. Now I know your pictures is from India because you live there. I was there in Chennai (Madras) some years ago.
  • John Moore 03/06/2005 6:51

    Hello Aanand, once more I thank you for the words of the heart.
    A wise man from your part of the world, wrote something, I shall share with you!!!

    (Look at me closely.
    Go beyond the form of the body and look within.
    Look deep within and you will see, that I am nothing
    but your own reflection).
    "Sai Baba."
    Thanks my friend, you will now understand!!!
  • John Moore 03/06/2005 5:35

    Greetings from Australia Aanand.
    May I say that you are a gentleman of the highest degree!!!
    I thank you for your kind words, they are appreciated.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to be the first to add to your profile.
    have a wonderful time on FC, it's the greatest!!!
    Well wishes from us all.
    Outback John.
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