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I hope that when you browse through my portfolios you will come away with the same sense of excitement that we experienced when we were shooting these photographs. I have created this website foremost with the intention of sharing my work with others, and secondly as an additional avenue to continue my work as a freelance photographer. You may leave comments for an entire album or for individual photos. However, I do hope that you will enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

In the beginning I was amazed by the way the world around me appeared in the viewfinder of my father's Zenit. Then I fell in love with the shutter sound. I have always loved taking photographs. As a teenager I always carried my camera. As an adult, I put my love for photography on hold to raise a family and work. Now I find myself in my mid 40s and have rediscovered my love of photography. Once again, everywhere I go, I have a Pentax camera in my hand. And, I think everything everywhere is worth taking a picture of! Now I use Pentax K200D.
Photography to me is a innovative balance of art and science, a way to use my creative side but also more of my technical side. I believe most great photographers know how to properly and creatively blend both the art and science needed to make great images. The greatest delight I find in photography is the challenge and excitement it brings. The excitement comes from the adventure of traveling to new places, meeting new people and seeing new things, while the challenge is most often presented in ‘how do I best photograph this place?’ I tend to use more of a photojournalistic approach to my photography, letting everything happen around me while trying to capture the moment. That, for me, is the magic of photography.

I`m looking for galery/agent representation and publishing/sales.
Also I`ll be glade to start working with a modele from my region.

Martin Danovski

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