Woodland Calm - No.17

Woodland Calm - No.17

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Woodland Calm - No.17

Late day sunshine filters through a forest clearing on a June afternoon in Potomac, Maryland.

Sometimes I like to just relax and luxuriate with a nice, solid classic manual focus film-era lens on the
DSLR. In this case, it was a gem of a chunk of glass I fondly remembered from my earliest days with
Pentax SLRs, the highly regarded mid-'60s Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 screw mount
(M42) lens, here providing an 80mm equivalent view in 35mm film terms on my crop-sensor camera.

About a year ago, In a sentimental moment, I added a nice copy to
my present day "tool box." Nice to have it along yesterday afternoon.

©2019 Steve Ember
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