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winter raindrop on the edge of bush

winter raindrop on the edge of bush

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Sergio Moreira

Free Account, Niteroi

winter raindrop on the edge of bush

Walking on, during winter in the field, I saw God's teardrop...and so it was!

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  • Sergio Moreira 26/11/2004 22:08

    Dearest friend, don't be late because it's a real "trip". Be around. Sergio
  • Kerstin Langenberger 26/11/2004 14:09

    If I'll find this CD and DVD some day, of course I will!
    See you - Kerstin
  • Sergio Moreira 26/11/2004 1:53

    You've got the reason one more time Kerstin, 'cos 99% of my work is based on slide too! Nothing, nothing surpasses slide definition, contrast, colour, sharpness, and all! When I once had spare time I used to look at them for hours listening to New Age music. Talkin' about music, the greatest masterpiece I've ever heard - incredible to watch slides - is Peter Gabriel's "Passion" (The Last Temptation) which he spent 6 years to make...along with Martin Scorcese who directed the film! Dear Kerstin, you must listen to this CD and watch the film DVD! Deal?
  • Kerstin Langenberger 26/11/2004 0:52

    That's a photo I really like!
    Would love to see it projected on a wall!
    Well done!
    Greetings - Kerstin
  • Sergio Moreira 10/11/2004 23:19

    Well Julien, it was winter and a raindrop was on the edge of a dead bush ready to fall down! I took my 55 micro f2.8 Nikkor lens and mounted it on my F2A Nikon body! God made the rest! The film (which I used during 20 years) was EPR [Ektachrome 64] thus the result you see is an internegative made by myself. Be around.
  • Sergio Moreira 10/11/2004 23:10

    Thank you Snjezana, the greatest proud of a photographer is to be compared to a painter 'cos painting is photography's mother! Be around!
  • Julien Salut 09/11/2004 16:34

    i like it
    what this???
  • Snjezana Josipovic 09/11/2004 12:38

    Great pic :-) ...I like it couse it looks like a painting