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  • Kristianto Wibowo 21/01/2007 14:23

    Boljug juga cafenya Mbak....
    Jika saya ada disana, my wish would be like this
    " I wish next time i get here, I'm free of charge...."

    Salam hangat dari tanah air
  • Dirk Hofmann 24/07/2006 16:18

    ;-) ... you're welcome ... !
  • Mahditia Paramita 24/07/2006 14:42

    thanks alot dirk, it gives me the idea about it.
    i will give the information to hug the viewer in my photos..
  • Dirk Hofmann 24/07/2006 14:35

    perfect ... :-)

    see - what i inteded to suggest - besides my natural curiousity of course - was:

    such information is to valuable to "keep it away" from the viewer ... :-)

    you should think about having this in the photo describtion for further uploads ... :-) ... i love to read all the little stories behind the photos ... it makes me feel even more being involved in the situation ...

  • Mahditia Paramita 24/07/2006 14:26

    this picture was taken in a small cafe in Gent, belgium.
    these words were written by the people who came to this cafe, the owner asked them to write some wishes or comments about this cafe with their own languages.
    they hung it to give colour or the room brighter and also to give nice shadows that would appear from these paper.
    so i think it's really interesting to see and to know this.

    about what was written there..
    it said the comments of this cafe, about the food, the drinks, and the interior of this cafe.
    i hope my explanation is clear and answer your curiousity, Dirk :)
  • Dirk Hofmann 24/07/2006 14:03

    what is written on them, what is the reason for hanging them around the light, who wrote them ... :-)

    i guess there is a story behind it ... :-))
  • Mahditia Paramita 24/07/2006 12:39

    sure dirk,
    what do u wanna know?
  • Dirk Hofmann 23/07/2006 13:30

    i would like to learn more about the letters ...