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What can you see in mirror?

What can you see in mirror?

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Vera Y Golosova

Free Account, Moscow

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  • Vera Y Golosova 21/09/2008 11:01

    Hello Carsten! Thank you for comment: )
    yep, perception depends on every person view. Glad that you liked the main idea of the picture - play of reflection, mirror and orange light!
  • Carsten Jensen 21/09/2008 10:53

    A little bit too much alignments - in my opinion.
    But the sign in the mirror and its orange counterweight ist perfect! :)
  • Vera Y Golosova 20/09/2008 11:02

    Hey ho!
    Thanx for comment; ) Glad you liked!
    Actually I can upload only 1 picture a weeks - so it's not much of them here... : ) And it's so hard to choose which pic to upload - this once in a week scedule is hard!: )
  • Heiko Klotz 19/09/2008 22:08

    Ah, I like it!
    And I know, what it is: Lübeck is very famous for it´s Parking-signs.
    They are soooo blue.

    BTW: I will never understand, why I see only a few of your .com-pictures, when I´m logged in in the .de-community.

    Greetings Heiko