what a wonderful world

what a wonderful world

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Dinu Filipescu

Premium (Basic), Köln

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  • JOKIST 07/02/2021 22:31

    Dein Foto verzaubert jede Fotografenseele!

    Ingrid und Hans
  • Andrei_sko 25/03/2018 19:14

    That fine composition )))
  • Christos Banos 15/02/2015 17:19

    It's great your photographic viewpoint!
    I am impressed by your work...
  • Agelos Kardamilas 20/07/2013 21:52

  • Dragomir Vukovic 15/07/2013 1:31

    strong !
  • Silvana W. 07/07/2013 1:30

    I love sarcasm, or irony in your work*****.This is Brilliant.. at least,to me*.
    Have a nice sunday
  • s. sabine krause 06/07/2013 14:12

    …this would be, if adam and eve had left that tree of knowledge alone? nah, i don't think so! life in eden must have been so utterly boring, or why on earth would they have busied themselves with temptation in the first place? good needs evil to make its point and thinking outside the box got us to the moon, so we keep on building our towers of babel, scraping the skies with our ambition, transcending the limitations of our framed lives to head for the stars…* greetings, sabine.
    *this comment reads better with this music: http://youtu.be/O15x-B8PgeE ; )))
  • Lawson McCulloch 05/07/2013 21:24

    An excellent piece of work Dinu.
    best wishes,
  • paules 05/07/2013 21:13

    that look great....!! HG Paul
  • Adele Oliver 05/07/2013 20:27

    fine composition and interesting juxtaposition of the tall building and the couple in the "frame" .... an image for the imagination and great in black and white !!!
    greetings, Adele


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Camera DMC-FZ8
Lens ---
Aperture 8
Exposure time 1/1300
Focus length 11.2 mm
ISO 200

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