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WG mit Cleo und Paula und Frida

Free Account, analogen beweggründen


WG mit Cleo und Paula und Frida goes com! *meoow*

..thx andreas for everything..

| I love your laughter |

das fest 2004 _ location: karlsruhe/germany.

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  • Schimaere Zyklothyme 15/08/2004 22:43

    i try it again..

    mr. simpatico... or the lord of the desert (just the safari-helmet is absent or cut *g*)...
  • Schimaere Zyklothyme 15/08/2004 22:18

    mr. simpatico :)
  • Rike Bach 15/08/2004 21:18

    awwww... what a nice guy... what a smile... what a picture... love that, a lot :))))))

    makes me smile, too....
  • Torse Tabletop 15/08/2004 15:38

    :-))) great! like the colours - leads me to believe in that it was hot ;-)) great pic! nice!

  • David Zilk 15/08/2004 15:37

    argh....German is easier to write....a bit complicated to write everything in English, ok I try it, but please upload also some pics in the .de-version.....pleaaaase :))

    the photo is pretty good, I like the colours and the atmosphere.....but it's not 100% sharp ;))