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Walking on a dream

Walking on a dream

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Mademoiselle N

Free Account, Sarajevo

Walking on a dream

Walking on a dream
How can I explain
Talking to myself
Will I see again

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  • hrishikesh thakur 12/08/2009 16:34

    magic of nature ! nice shot !
  • Randy Abella 16/07/2009 17:16

    Nice One!!!! i'll put this one as one of my favorite's in this fotocommunity........
    Well for sure your not a begginer's Photographer.
    dont worry you're on the "RIGHT ROAD TO THE DREAM" but don't stop to learn new trick's & technique... and of course always PURSUE what is in your Dream's....Don't stop to walk in your dreams otherwise it wont happen if you stop. keep walking....


    Randy Abella
  • Mademoiselle N 15/07/2009 12:18

    Thank you!
  • nick trofeo 14/07/2009 22:51

    This is fantastic! Nice timing with the sun, you make the clouds look really wonderful!

  • Mademoiselle N 14/07/2009 22:14

    Yeah you are maybe right but I'll leave it this way, since this is my first upload here.
    Once again I repeat I don't speak German!! (:
    But I make sure I translate your comments.
  • Mademoiselle N 14/07/2009 20:00

    Thank you!
  • Dmitry Aleshin 14/07/2009 19:51

    nice photo
  • Mademoiselle N 14/07/2009 19:13

    I thank you for your comment, but unfortunately I don't speak German. Even though I understood your comment.
    Well the name is for my own pleasure, I am sorry it seems to bother you. Greetings! (:
  • Coco Mader 14/07/2009 19:05

    Toll, aber der Namensschriftzug stört etwas für meinen Geschmack.
    Ansonsten eine gigantische Stimmung. Gefällt mir sehr.

    LG ++ Coco


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