Walk on a marsh

Walk on a marsh

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alexander stefanatos

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Walk on a marsh

Region of Hepirus in Central Western Greece
The wetland of Amvrakikos Gulf.

Amvrakikos Gulf is located in the Central Western part of Greece in the region of Hepirus and communicates with the Ionian Sea by a narrow strip of water half a mile long. The Gulf is a large and complex ecosystem formed by the deltas of two rivers Louros and Aracthos and around it has been formed a magnificent wetland considered a miniature of Mediterranean due to the presence of rare and endangered spieces as well as to its distinctive landscapes and habitats.The entire area is considered as one of the most important protected areas of the NATURA 2000 network being a real paradise for birdwatchers,photographers and nature lovers in general.It is also home to one of the very few colonies of Dalmatian pelecans.
But what is most impressive are the extensive areas of shallow bays, wet meadows,dense reedbeds and especially vast mudflats considered among the largest in Europe where rare species breed and propagate through the various seasons.I was particularly impressed by those mudflats extending to long distances, getting solid enough even to step and walk on them and, particularly, by their extreme variety of changing colours under the seasonal passage.
I was impressed to such an extent as to make these mudflats and seabeds the main subject of this photo series.
The major part of shooting was done with a digital 6x4,5 back attached to my camera(P22) and of course using a tripod as many times was necessary to use a very low shutter because of ND filtering. And it was a real delight to see how vivid and close to real they came up later as prints.

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  • SINA 20/09/2015 8:46

    Die Erde
    Die Schöpfung
    lässt uns still werden
    auf Deinen wunderbaren Fotos....
    sie ist da
    ohne Wenn und Aber
    und macht uns andächtig
    kann uns etwas lehren
    die wir uns oft viel zu wichtig nehmen
    Inne zu halten
    eine wertvolle Serie wie so oft Alexander
  • Jaap Koer 18/09/2015 17:00

    A nice view of this nature.
  • sparkling light 18/09/2015 13:45

    My favourite one of the series. i like the blue/green and yellow. A fine picture
  • rolandblum photography 18/09/2015 10:38

    great colors and a very impressive landscape !
  • Harold Thompson 18/09/2015 9:56

    So much information giving us a good insight to the area thank you such a versatility to see.
    :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 18/09/2015 8:33

    Open and unspoilt this looks and sounds like a very beautiful and important place. The colours are divers showing well the differences in this wetland area.

  • Cameraqueen 18/09/2015 6:06

    Great image of this very special scenery, Alexander! Looks like from Tolkien's world. Seeing the Little Hobbit somewhere wouldn't surprise me. I think at it good that you choose colour in this case as these are beautiful and give the images a special atmosphere.
    Cordially, Sabine
  • Adele Oliver 18/09/2015 3:59

    beautiful nature with this forefront a kaleidoscope of colours and details, intriguing with the mountain and its vulcanic shape in the background !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • adriana lissandrini 17/09/2015 23:47

    this is another paradise for photographers and not only that, I've read your description with real pleasure, and admiration for the variety of natural beauty of your land ....
    a beautiful landscape, a perfect shooting (big hand, big eye and heart, but also excellent technical means)
    caro saluto
  • José Carlos Fernandes De Andrade 17/09/2015 22:03

    Scatti comment is very realistic and proves once more the great ability of yours to present this type of landscape. Only thing I'm not sure, like more B & W or color!
    Besr regards.
  • alexander stefanatos 17/09/2015 21:08

    We are still on earth,my dear Scatti...I don't know whether fortunately or unfortunately....


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Camera NIKON D800
Lens Tamron AF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) (A061) or Tamron AF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 XR LD Aspherical (IF) (185D)
Aperture 3.8
Exposure time 1/1600
Focus length 35.0 mm
ISO 400