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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

Union Break

A gypsy takes time out for a drag, before bending over her knees to pray besides her white bowl and a picture of Jesus at the Coliseum in Rome. In other cities Gypsies get more creative. Some have portable oxygen machines with a note saying to please give while clasping their hands. Come great time the take that drag on a cigarette during their self appointed break. Other gypsies have even reenacted the mother showing part of their upper breast with a young child that looks young and plays the starving child grasping on her open blouse that reveals some skin. Then the Union break time beeps off on the rolex wrist watch and a pot of stew appears and the group open chows down, and light up their cigarettes of sorted brands.

When it is show time it is obviously that the good christians appreciate the performance and give as they pass, While others that might never get the opportunity to see this street performance hustle are shock and give thinking its real.

If you got time to kill, hang out and watch. You will develop mixed emotions and stop your own donations , and save your euros for your own cappuccino.

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