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Hermann Klecker

Honorary membership, Ismaning

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  • Oliver Suhr 04/09/2006 17:20

    A very interesting technique, and thanks for the explanation - I was not so clever to guess it :-(
    It is a strange style, the colours are looking washed out...
    cheers, Olli
  • Hermann Klecker 02/09/2006 23:23

    Thanks for your comments, guys.

    I guess that you guessed the technique.
    It is an IR (a series of bracketing) which was tone mapped and reduced to plane black and white.
    In Gimp (or PS if you like) this one was overlapped with a colour version of the image with some % transparency.

    All images, the IR as well as the colour, were taken with the same focal distance, meaning no IR-correction was made. This leads to some rather unsharp IR image (the focus was on the colour shot) but allows the overlap.
    Otherwise the IR-adjustment would have the same effekt as a slight zoom of the pic and therefore the layers would not have matched.

    However, as it was posted to the .com and not to the world channel, we rather discuss this in English with respect to the international audience.