Twin A by c-section

Twin A by c-section

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Twin A by c-section

I am very privileged to work in a hospital and share some of the most intimate moments of people's lives. I usually work in an Adult Intensive Care unit however I've been asked to collect some photos of Respiratory Therapists at work. One of the most fantastic parts of our job is in the delivery room. I am very grateful to my coworkers who assisted in arranging this shoot which is of the delivery of 31 week premature twin boys. This is Twin A, now named Madessir, who is doing very well ( I visited him and his brother today when I delivered copies of the photos).

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  • LadyNoone 06/06/2014 23:37

    One of the most moving moments you can see. Beginning of a new life. And this little baby, so fragile...:)
  • Glenn Capers 05/06/2014 22:33

    I think that is the father on the right with the facial growth. He looks a bit worried. As in What did I do to her. "I'll never use the real thing again. The baby in hand I just saw.
    I love the shot.
  • Alexa frost 05/06/2014 5:09

    Hi Shannon ! happy to see you back!
    A very good picture and documentary. So cute this small twin...
    How Lucky you are to be there !
    Hug !