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Free Account, Germany - "Ruhr district" (Ruhrgebiet)


I took this image of a tulip on the 02/04/2020 at 17:46 o'clock in the garden.

I used a Canon EOS 77D with the Tamron 90mm macro-lens. The image is resized and got a color correction of 10-250. I didn't edit it further yet. (4437)


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Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu
White crocus
White crocus
Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu
Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu
Grape hyacinth (Muscari)
Grape hyacinth (Muscari)
Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu

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  • Pentaxian 17/08/2020 17:00

    Die hast du sehr schön in Szene gesetzt....gefällt mir gut mit dem dunklen Hintergrund.
    Gruß Peter
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 17/08/2020 17:24

      Danke Peter. Das mit dem dunklen Hintergrund versuche ich immer bewußt hinzubekommen, da mir dann die Bilder am besten gefallen. Ich mag diese Art von Fotos, die entstehen aber immer draußen ohne Abschneiden der Blüte.
  • David H Thomas 14/08/2020 10:31

    great image - the detail, especially the water drops, is very impressive and the colour highlighted by the black background is very vivid.
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 17/08/2020 11:44

      Hallo David, thanks for your comment. I really appreciated last spring with a lot of opportunities to take pictures. Covid 19 was forcing us to stay at home and giving me the opportunity and time to enjoy the garden of my parents.
      Best regards Hansjörg
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 03/08/2020 14:20

      Hi Dragomir,
      thanks for your comment. I really like the topic nature and close-ups. I know from your pictures that you have different topics and like you work too. Black and white is very interesting, but often not such a good choice for flowers and sunsets. But that tulip might look interesting in black and white because of the strong contrast between flower and background.

      Best regards and greetings to the USA.
      Stay healthy

      Grape hyacinth (Muscari)
      Grape hyacinth (Muscari)
      Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu
    • Colin S B 12/09/2020 21:23

      I think this one is my favourite. I like the droplets and the contrast with the background.
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 13/09/2020 15:58

      Thanks Colin,
      for your comment. I think it is really one of my best pictures of the spring. Since we had the Covid 19 lowndock (at least a soft kind of lockdown) my personal plans we heavily affected and I had to change things. I didn't go out but spend a lot of time in the garden. It was a wonderful opportunity to take a lot of photographs of flowers. Later, I didn't find the time for sorting them so I published the pictures just recently. On the other hand, I don't have pictures from summer or beginning of autumn although that seasons was also nice.

      I don't know about the situation of Covid 19 and the related lockdown in Ireland. I know about the heavy problems in Italy and Spain and France and the UK. Since I have relatives in Belgium, I know about the situation and the lockdown in Belgium too. I am also informed about Austria and the direct neighbour Netherlands. There is even a direct connection with a local train to Enschede in the Netherlands. But I have no idea about the situation and the lockdown in Ireland. I just heard that some Irish politicians (within Ireland and within the EU-Commission) had to resign because of some breaches of rules of the Irish lockdown. So I don't know whether the word "lockdown" really fits for the German situation since it was pretty soft.

      Anyway, I was at home and had a lot of time for taking pictures in the garden.
      Best regards Hansjörg


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Camera Canon EOS 77D
Lens TAMRON SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD MACRO1:1 F017
Aperture 5.6
Exposure time 1/200
Focus length 90.0 mm
ISO 200

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