They said their farewells...

They said their farewells...

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They said their farewells...

Don't you feel sad, looking at this picture? I feel tender, salt scent of the sea... hearing too many goodbyes.

Beside Kaikoura
South Island of New Zealand

Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20

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  • Arin 21/02/2011 9:27

    Do I really have to tell you again and again that I'm stunned by your photos. No. You know by now.
    Years ago I would have thought differently about "goodbyes", I couldn't wait to say goodbye to my world, to my life. Now after those goodbyes I feel the bittersweet taste that comes with it. There are always goodbyes in your life because we will never stop longing for something else... never.
    ...this is one of my fav photos of yours...
  • Sneak Preview 20/02/2011 14:01

  • Rohit Singh 20/02/2011 13:25

    Beautiful!! gives an impression of complete silence far from any kinda city noise...


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Camera Nikon D80
Lens Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6
Aperture ---
Exposure time ---
Focus length ---
ISO ---