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The Wave

Is the same sunrise from the ''Burning Sunrise'', but different angle of view. I just rotated myself 90 degrees.

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  • Camilla Antonsen 27/12/2008 22:10

    Wow. Wonderful shot! The
    colours are so beautiful!
    Well done!

    Best wishes, Camilla.
  • j.a.j.jansen m. 27/12/2008 20:33

    Great light and mood,
  • Halvorsen 27/12/2008 20:28

    Amazing picture, and I really like that it's so much different in the bicture! So beautiful and light colors, to the dark skies... Wow!
    Very nicely done, Radu!

    Wish you and your family a happy new year!

    Best wishes, Vanessa.
  • Eva T 27/12/2008 20:08

    beautiful picture, clear and sharp. Excellent...