The Right Beer, in the Right the Right Moment

The Right Beer, in the Right the Right Moment

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The Right Beer, in the Right the Right Moment

There are times when it all seems to come together. For me, those moments are often delightfully and indelibly tied to travel to favorite places…

Calanda, rising 2805 meters, is the Hausberg, the local mountain of Chur, the cantonal capital of Switzerland’s Canton Graubünden. And a popular beer in the region takes its name from that Alpine peak.

It was the perfect coda to a perfect autumn day in October, 2010…a relaxing late dinner after a day exploring and photographing my beloved Graubünden on its superb narrow gauge railroad, the Rhätische Bahn.

The visit to Chur marked a reunion, after too many years, with the 300 year old Romantik Hotel Stern, which proved to be as welcoming as remembered from my first visit in 1994. Nice when a place remains as consistently excellent to where it feels as though one’s last visit was more like last year than 16 years before. Indeed, part of the pleasure was recognizing Agathe, who had served my dinner in this same Bündner Stube on that autumn evening in 1994.

Autumn in Graubünden means Wildspezialitäten, venison and other wild game, and for me that type of meal is not complete without a Calandabräu or two.

And as I dined on some well prepared venison, and took in the inviting surroundings including the Arvenholz walls, and saw the light dancing in my glass of Calanda…well, as I said, it just all came together in a delightful glow of Gemütlichkeit, or as they might say in the neighborhood, Patschifig!

Photo + Design ©2010/2014 Steve Ember

Reichgasse Autumn
Reichgasse Autumn
Steve Ember

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  • Bickel Paul 12/04/2014 6:09

    Nettes Foto von dem Bier aus Chur in sehr schönen Farben und Präsentation.
    Gruss Paul
  • Maiarisli 09/04/2014 9:24

    Lieber Steve

    Da kann ich nur sagen Prost viva la grischa
    a liaba gruass
  • gemblue 08/04/2014 9:41

    Yes, that is enjoying life, when it all comes together like that!
    Makes me wish I could leave right now and experience springtime in Chur.
    Regards, Gi
  • Susana Miguel 07/04/2014 17:34

    So, drinking a Calanda beer in Switzerland...

    And I was wondering if you had discovered the Calanda near Zaragoza!
    You should be now traveling here, because Calanda is best known for the Easter drums, very impressive.
    So, here a view on Spanish Calanda (,_Spain)
    and on the Easter drums played there:
    On Good Friday, at noon, all start playing the drums (
    For your next tasting, a visit to Aragón...

    Lovely shot, yours. Makes me feel thirsty....

    Hope you enjoyed it....