The Relationship

The Relationship

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Glenn Capers

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The Relationship

There is a strange relationship people have with Christ. Here a gypsy walks down the street with his cross swaging lon his bare chest. Maybe Joan of Arch wore a cross, and maybe the day she took it off she was betrayed and burned at the stake. If you believe you are in your God given right to survive as you do in the streets scavenging property of others at their expense. Maybe you need a powerful figure to wear out side in public as protection. It's been said by Gypsies, that they can't find work, and openly admit they steal,. However they never openly say they tech their children to be apart of this eccentric street life. It's well documented in every city gypsies attempt to clam the right to the land. The public cry out to resolve the Gypsy problem ends with bull dozing the makeshift settlements and Police raids. .Once this happens the local theft or personal property deceases dramatically.

Just may under this person needs to find refuge in religion incorrectly while continuing away of life for survival while rejecting programs to help on become apart of the community they are land squatting on.

They symbol of religion worn openly is powerful, but only because the people you encounter have respect for the concept.

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  • MANU-SARRE 09/07/2013 13:08

  • Ken Piros 09/07/2013 12:34

    The wearing of the cross and the stealing is a great contradiction of beliefs. Just because you wear a cross and read the bible doesn’t mean you are really a Christian you have to live a life according to God’s principals.

    We will all have to atone for our choices.

    But if you don't believe than why wear the cross?
  • Tania Skaradek 09/07/2013 12:31

    You have done a great documentary work Glenn with your Gypsy albums!
    You showed Roma's life from the inside ...
    For a some time you became a member of their small society.
    Interesting and real novel with a perfect illustrations.