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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

The New US

Three young Transgender's take the day in the normal setting of a town to openly enjoy a normal moment and recapturing the right to just be as anyone else. Adjustments are very hard and often cause depression leading to self destruction and harm by other's that don't understand a core impulse to be what one is stemming from their genes.

Being brave and hold the scarse from past social encounters. The LBGT organizations help those in need and do the best to direct New men and women into a balanced function life.

Heart strings of all people are very fragile to abuse, and is the one thing we can all say we have in common.

In a few countries coming out souls have no civil rights and face death, while others are dejected. The battle will always continue, and fighting religion is one all people must come to terms. God never said no to transgenders, or just gay people. It was man writing the laws for his own good, and placing them in a Christian bible.

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  • Dr. Labude 03/08/2015 14:07

    I wouldn't have noticed. Think thats a good thing.
  • Dieter Geßler 25/07/2015 22:42

    Perfekt !!!

    Greetings Dieter
  • Adele Oliver 25/07/2015 22:24

    not always an easy life, but hopefully easier than before ... these three look very happy and perfectly posed for their selfie and your image !!!
    greetings - and thank you for your much appreciated comment !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • JOKIST 25/07/2015 20:52

    > > > SPITZE < < <

    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • archiek 25/07/2015 19:08

    This type of scene can be seen everywhere. People take landscape photos with their back to the landscape. All moments become their own moments.
  • Carlo.Pollaci 25/07/2015 16:05

    amazing street.
    Best wishes, Carlo
  • Brilu 25/07/2015 11:51

    Aus dem Leben, sehr schöne Szene! HG
  • Frau Ke 25/07/2015 10:32

    Your picture just gave me an idea: perhaps this new fashion of taking selfies in any situation is not so much an epression of narcissism as this normally seems to me than to a greater degree the wish to show oneself beeing one with the ambience.
  • Sue Thompson 25/07/2015 10:14

    We should all learn to respect what other people are in life... gender is not a choice we make...it is as you say, in our genes.