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Sunset in Lünen - image 2

Sunset in Lünen - image 2

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Hansjörg -

Free Account, Germany - "Ruhr district" (Ruhrgebiet)

Sunset in Lünen - image 2

I took this image of a sunset on the 31/05/2020 at 21:35 o'clock in the German city "Lünen". It is situated in the "Ruhr area" and has approximately 90.000 inhabitants.

I used a Canon EOS 77D with the Canon EF-S 18-135mm STM lens. The image is resized and got a color correction of 5-250. I increased contrast and saturation slightly. I didn't edit it further yet. (3587)

The entire sunset of that day:

Sunset in Lünen - image 1
Sunset in Lünen - image 1
Hansjörg -
Sunset in Lünen - image 3
Sunset in Lünen - image 3
Hansjörg -
Sunset in Lünen - image 4
Sunset in Lünen - image 4
Hansjörg -

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  • RoeSo 17/08/2020 14:09

    Very nice sunset I love the way the church is in the middle of the sun , congrats
    • RoeSo 17/08/2020 18:36

      i love the panorama picture , do you edit your pics ?
    • Hansjörg - 17/08/2020 18:55

      Yes, I edit my pictures. I started to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. For single shot I adjust saturation and contrast and make a color correction. I don't edit to much, just smaller corrections. The pictures from Cappenberg (the links above) are 16 years old and I don't know what I did so long ago. The panoramic picture was created with Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 1 (or maybe 2). I can't remember for sure anymore. I can't even tell which camera I used. It might be a Canon A70 which I owned at that time. So the quality is nothing which I would present nowadays. But 16 years is more than a decade and digital cameras were just starting to get popular.
    • Hansjörg - 17/08/2020 18:57

      At the moment I am at my parents place. I can't go to the former water tower on "Cappenberg castle" right now and take a look. But talking with you made me interested in what it might look right now. After my return I will look what it is looking like.
    • RoeSo 17/08/2020 18:58

      yes you have right digital camera's are not the same as before anymore


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Camera Canon EOS 77D
Lens EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Aperture 11
Exposure time 1/40
Focus length 135.0 mm
ISO 100

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