Such a lonely soul

Such a lonely soul

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Lovisa Lagerquist

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Such a lonely soul

"Such a lonely soul"
Bogesund / Vaxholm / Stockholm
Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-135mm

Okey, third time reloded ;) I've been a bit confused the last days so I apologise for my faults. Thanks for correcting me ;)


This is the earlier comments:

Daren Borzynski, 16.04.2007 at 22:58h
Lovely image!!
You have captured a sadness within the horse.. it does look a bit lonely.
Wonderful tones.


Harold Thompson, 17.04.2007 at 9:07h
Certainly looks lonely nicely captured. Good composition.

Cheers H

Anna Attlid, 17.04.2007 at 18:57h
Great tones, as Daren said. Very nice in b&w.
The fence to the left is also good at this image, it would have been a bit empty and "cold" without it.
The horse's nose disapear a bit into his legs and chest I think, so a bit more light on his head wouldn't be bad!
And yes - you've really caught the sadness.

Oh one more thing - I guess you mean "Such a lonely soul" with the title? Check your spelling! ;)
Anna Attlid

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