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show me the way

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Free Account, Istanbul

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  • Kristina Mateva 25/09/2007 12:09

  • Gerry R. Dagonese 25/03/2007 16:38

    Hi Tanyel,

    I agree somewhat with Ash. If I were to use the red marker as a poit (if you'll pardon the pun) of reference, I would want to see it more in focus. The other concern I have is the mid-tones. I think they can be adjusted slightly upward in order to bring out some of the detail and tonal quality. I really like th perspective on the road and how you started in the lower right, traveling out to the backgroud and to the left.

  • Ashley. 20/03/2007 0:22

    I like the selective use of color, I've tried that myself and haven't had much luck with it. I like the contrast and the concept. However, my eye keeps going to the red. What if you made the red less vibrant or the white lines brighter? The more I look at it, the more I see how the arrow does draw your eye around the page. I dunno, I think there's something missing... What would happen if you cloned out the marker in the dirt? Amazing photo overall! :)


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