Saturday in the Park - A Central Park Moment

Saturday in the Park - A Central Park Moment

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Saturday in the Park - A Central Park Moment

Besties celebrating an occasion…a couple in matching colors
celebrating with their baby (perhaps also in stylish red and black?)…
A musician supplying a soundtrack on his keyboard...

And, no, in the interest of accurate reportage, it wasn’t a Saturday.

Nor was it the Fourth of July.

But it could have been, as I explored the spacious plaza of Bethesda Terrace in
New York’s Central Park, on this afternoon in early October, my trusty Gray Matter
Gramophone immediately spinning up Chicago’s infectious hit from 1972.

While, in planning my visit, I’d been hoping for the vivid golds and reds of
autumn in the park’s foliage, summer, as it turned out, was reluctant to exit.

But that did not in any way put a damper on my enjoyment – it just became a
great excuse…for a great deal of people watching...and shooting.

And the visitors enjoying the Park did not disappoint.

This moment rather summed up the infectious spirit
that made a photographer so glad he’d visited.

© Steve Ember

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