Sail Sand Point

Sail Sand Point

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Sail Sand Point

A mom who retrieved her child's left-behind passes in front of boats brought in by nine-year-olds from Seattle to sail on the waters off Kirkland's Juanita Beach. The kids unload their boats from a trailer, lug them down to the waterfront, configure them for sailing, and shove off for several hours of fun.

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  • RonnBeams 07/08/2014 9:00

    I didn't alter the noise in this image as it looked like grain, similar to the results I got back in my sports shooting days in the Seattle Kingdom when I pushed Tri-X two to three stops. I doubted the look would be popular with digital folks.
  • R Kilduff 05/08/2014 13:35

    This reminds me of the days I shot with Tri-X
  • LadyNoone 26/07/2014 20:48

    Girl and the sails - taste of summer adventure :)


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