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Well, guess my train loving soul is showing!

I mean, sometimes a photo just demands a l-o-n-g onomatopoeic title.

And, really, isn’t that just a handsome beast?

This GE AC44CW and its mate behind it (8,800 horsepower on 24 wheels) are at the head of a 100+ long consist of coal hoppers from West Virginia and Ohio, waiting for their signal to proceed toward the huge CSX coal terminal in Baltimore’s Curtis Bay,where the coal will be sorted according to types for industrial use and then loaded onto ocean going freighters.

For now, though, its crew can relax as the two diesel electric machines contentedly rumble-grumble-rumble-grumble-rumble-grumble.
Oh, yes, also Whoopp-Pssst-chungachungachungachunga, as their air compressors kick in, but that part wouldn’t fit under the photo ;-)
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Photo + Design ©2013 Steve Ember

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Crew Change
Steve Ember

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