Robin Hoods bay 21

Robin Hoods bay 21

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Premium (World), Newcastle upon Tyne

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  • Matthias Moritz 20/04/2019 7:43

    We have a beautiful song of a former rock band who performed in the GDR describing this situation in wonderful words.
    • markkeville 20/04/2019 12:23

      Do you mean a song referring to this particular place ? Now - that is a surprise.
    • Matthias Moritz 20/04/2019 16:35

      I apologize for my misleading words. I am referring to the couple sitting on the bench. The song is called "Lebenszeit" (lifetime) from the Puhdys, published in 1981. The song lyrics I mean:

      Sitzen zwei schon im Schatten,
      sitzen da auf einer Bank.
      Der eine fühlt sich müde,
      der andre fühlt sich krank.
      Schon ist im Leben alles gesagt
      Schon ist im Leben alles gewagt.
      Sie hielten zueinander - auf Lebenszeit.

      Two already sitting in the shade,
      sitting on a bench.
      One feels tired,
      the other feels sick.
      Everything is already said in life
      Everything is already risked in life.
      They stuck together - for life.

      It´s a beautiful song and one of my favorites.


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