Rialto Vegetable Market

Rialto Vegetable Market

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Rialto Vegetable Market


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  • Cesar Matamoros II 14/11/2015 20:20

    Takes me back to all the different markets I have attended. The only quibble is that I would have liked to have more people closer to the camera. It looks a little fake not having people shopping. But an excellent photo nonetheless.
  • archiek 14/11/2015 17:56

    Looks like a great place to pick up some produce. Wonderful colors and composition.
    Best regards,
  • Carlo.Pollaci 13/11/2015 18:17

    Bella e vivace immagine del pittoresco mercato.
    Cordiali saluti,
  • Patricia González Schütz 13/11/2015 14:42

    I made them go away for my photo to come better... :)
  • Raimo Ketolainen 13/11/2015 14:33

    How there are only few customer. Evry time when i have been those market there have been a lot of people.
  • Harold Thompson 13/11/2015 9:36

    Maybe don't like the price of veg on the stall near to us !!
    Colourful scene
    :-)) Harold
  • Mark Billiau. 13/11/2015 9:15

    Nice and colourful market scene !

  • Patricia González Schütz 13/11/2015 9:06

    Thanks Sue! You know I hadn't thought about their use until now, but I don't know, I don't think rain, otherwise it would get heavy up there...maybe to keep away birds, doves, etc?? I'll ask next time; I'll tell them that Sue from UK is asking :) :)
  • Sue Thompson 13/11/2015 8:58

    A superb market scene with lots of delicious veg on sale.
    Are those awnings hung between the stalls to keep out the sun or the rain ??? :)))



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Camera SP-620UZ
Lens ---
Aperture 3.1
Exposure time 1/50
Focus length 4.5 mm
ISO 80