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- Return to innocence -

- Return to innocence -

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Botond David

Free Account, Transylvania

- Return to innocence -

My Daughter Kamilla
Made with Nikon F100 camera, 50 mm Nikkor 1,8 lens, Ilford film

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  • Balazs Pataki 25/11/2008 20:03

    The girl is a sweetie and the picture is fine. But I can't understand the role of that incredibly bad-looking guy with the camera... ;)))
  • Lazaros Limos 26/10/2008 19:14

    great shot! I loved it in b&w!
  • Zsolt Kiss 25/09/2008 17:20

    I have honestly great problems to find the picture i like most.
    You have very niche works!

  • Andrej Nagode 07/04/2008 13:50

    BW Andrejc
  • Simona B. 21/03/2008 20:38

    The years have gone and will never return but the childhood never ends... My title for your photo is "Return to innocence", in to a world when men in legend thought, and talk in poem's wise...In the " Sleeping Beauty" by Charles Perrault once upon a time was a king and a queen, and the queen gave birth to a girl. And seven fairies at the kingdom being the godmothers of the little princess, and each of them offering her a magic gifts. Kamilla is a little princess from the story (fairy tales) because she has everything: beauty, wisdom, kindness. I am sure that she know to dance, to sing and to play at musical instruments. She is amazing, wonderful hair, eyes and face, so delicate, so pure like as April's snow-white cherry bloom. The photograper is an guardian angel came from heaven to earth, and he watches with celestial power. Thank you because takes me back to memories about my childhood and my father...
  • Simona B. 20/03/2008 8:14

    I like it very much.
    I'm not the fairy but I give her this song.
  • Laki K. 19/03/2008 22:04

    i would like it much more without the photographer, imo it would give it something more special
  • -M 19/03/2008 16:52

    Great shot... everything what we can say about little girl ;)
  • Dirk Hofmann 17/03/2008 21:08

    what a "grown up" look!

    good one!
  • Charles Brandt 17/03/2008 20:55

    Cool. wenn das Mädchen jetzt noch aus dem Fenster geschaut hätt, holla.
    Ich liebe eh analog. man sieht sofort den Unterschied.

  • Alexandra Baltog 17/03/2008 12:30


    nice shot !



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