Reflections on seclusion

Reflections on seclusion

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Cesar Matamoros II

Free Account, Lynn Haven, Florida

Reflections on seclusion

The original library was moved to this location and is resting alone and secluded. Rode my bike over and walked around it. No one was in sight. It was very calming.

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  • Cesar Matamoros II 06/11/2015 12:12

    Thank you. The green tint comes from all the pine trees. The building is white and I have another photo from the sunny side where the white is almost blinding. I think it is the two-sided nature of the building that made me think of how this is so indicative of everything in nature and ourselves.
  • Patricia González Schütz 06/11/2015 9:04

    Very nice, I like these combination of colors very much.


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