QueensScape No.1

QueensScape No.1

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QueensScape No.1

From the inbound platform of the 40th Street - Lowery Street station on the IRT No.7 Flushing line in
Long Island City, Queens, one gets an idea of why some like to call the No.7 the "International Express."

On its route out to Flushing, the line passes through a great variety of ethnic neighborhoods in the Borough of Queens.

Though not seen in this view, present along Queens Boulevard are an enticing array of multicultural restaurants and shops.

In this multicultural melange, one can imagine a serving of succulent sushi and a trip next door for some aromatic relaxation in the
Dragon Puffz Hookah Lounge, perhaps with a cookie dough iced coffee chaser, might be all that's needed for returning to the No.7
platform and making perfect sense of the graffiti adorning the building Sholom and Zuckerbrot Realty have up for sale.

Or might it take a good stiff shot of the Johnnie Walker?

©2014 Steve Ember

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