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  • synchronzeit 28/08/2009 21:51

    The bearing looks already human because of the crossed pads :-)

    P.S. Thanks for your comment > it was my first HDR trial.

  • Phylip 27/08/2009 18:44

    This is a photo of the men s best friend. You can feel it. Excellent.
  • Kaith Kakavouli 25/08/2009 15:00

    I like his legs....
    fantastic photo !!!
  • anthony ryan 22/08/2009 17:42

    I love this collection paws Art,I am a dog lover and have three myself.It's a beautiful image in a awesome colour with excellent detail,It' beautifully composed and captured in a wonderful pose.Stern yet very soft and tender.
    Best wishes.
  • Adriana Massl 22/08/2009 15:20

    I like this shot!
    an unusual approach...
    colours are also fantastic!
    bw, adriana