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  • Andy-Wood 21/02/2013 23:40

    captivating image ... I like it :-)
    best regards,
  • Jim McKinniss 21/01/2013 2:33

    I really like this Draga. I love the shadows in this photo and how they play against the scene outside.

  • Susana Miguel 10/01/2013 14:33

    "Passing by and not looking inside, because I do have to keep looking on the ground in order not to slip and fall with all this snow and ice underneath....
    ...but I sense the comfort inside, I smell the kuhano vino and the heat of the oven...
    OK, not far to go and I will arrive at a warm and cosy place to...", these might have been 26's thoughts...

    Great atmosphere, strange like Sabine's Brave New World, comforting as Andreas, José Ramón and Ingo may think, a story for us all told with a simple shot.

    Love it Draga, congratulations.
    Have a great day,
    Estação do Rocio
    Estação do Rocio
    Susana Miguel
  • yªmpo 23/12/2012 16:27

  • Christian Bertero 14/03/2012 21:02

    Excellent composition. ++++

  • Maria João Arcanjo 08/03/2012 14:50

    Eccelente Draguissima!
  • medser 29/02/2012 16:19

    nice shot with creative idea
  • s. sabine krause 28/02/2012 8:54

    ooh, i sense a slightly "apocalyptic" sci-fi mood: i'm looking out at a condensed winter world from the claustrophobic confinements of a laboratory jar. why i'm in in it? i don't know. will i ever be let out again? i have no idea. i'm a biological specimen held hostage in formalin by the mysterious "poster guy" who's staring at me through the glass – brave new world! ; )) very powerful and original, draga! greetings, sabine.
  • BRYAN CRUTE 24/02/2012 17:18

    Captures the viewers attention , makes you look through the scene ! excellent image

  • Adele D. Oliver 23/02/2012 20:35

    A very suggestive scene .... interesting, special .... excellent work - and good to see you back, Draga !!!
    hugs, Adele
  • Vera M. Shulga 23/02/2012 19:17

  • Ingo Engelmann 23/02/2012 19:07

    sometimes it's better to be inside looking out (which was sung by The Animals in 1966), but anyway you have to go out and continue your way, some time later.
    Great atmosphere.
  • José Ramón Miguel 23/02/2012 16:24

    Me rindo a este trabajo admirable con la nieve en el exterior, es una maravilla de luz.
    Saludos. Ramón
  • Andreas Boeckh 23/02/2012 13:17

    A quiet and dramatc picture at the same time: It looks like a snow storm outside.
  • Ken Piros 23/02/2012 12:29

    The person passing by is subtle yet that is what makes it interesting.


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